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Mission Statement / Kaupapa

 To form a social riders club in the far North and establish a link to Whanau ( extended family) who share a love of two wheels and family values which are also linked too our  Whanau principals


Whanau  Principles

W..Whanau first and foremost. We are whanau orientated and family comes first.

H.. Hospitality ..Looking after our whanau and friends. Being sociable and  helping when we can and welcoming of  everyone.

A.. Acceptance , of everyone no matter what age race or religion or bike they ride .

N.. Noble Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity and kindness .

A.. Appreciate life and all that it offers and the appreciation of other members and  extended whanau

U.. United .Meet as strangers ..united by the love of motorcycles to  form our new  WHANAU

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