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Club Rules

Taipa Caffeine N Clasasics

1. The name of the club is the

Let Em Roll Social Riders Club

2. Mission Statement / Kaupapa

To form a social riders club in the far North and establish a link to Whanau (extended family) who share a love of two wheels and family values which are also linked to the Whanau principles

W..Whanau first and foremost. We are whanau orientated and family comes first.

H..Hospitality. Looking after our whanau and friends. Being sociable and helping when we can and welcoming everyone.

A..Acceptance, of everyone no matter what age, race or religion or bike they ride.

N... Noble Having or showing qualities of high moral character, such as courage, generosity and kindness.

A.. Appreciate life and all that it offers and the appreciation of other members and extended whanau

U.. United. Meet as strangers ..united by the love of motorcycles to form our new WHANAU

3. Membership


 There are 3 types of membership:

Full Financial Members


These members shall be those persons participating in active riding

provided by the Club, and attend meetings and events. Full members have the right to be voted on to the club committee or be voted on as chairperson (provided they meet the criteria as laid out in the "duties of club officers") And they have full voting rights. And full access to our web page.

  • All FULL financial members can be either riders or pillion passengers but MUST be active in the club. Active means attend any meetings or subs paid.


Social Member

Shall be those persons who wish to be members of the club but are waiting for approval to be full financial members; or people who just want to follow on the clubs' Facebook page.

Social members have NO voting rights.


Founding Member’s

These members are our foundation members.

 The members helped to form the club and grow the club.

They can be identified by a special badge. 

New Membership 

  • New members must agree to and read our rules before they are approved and answer 3 Questions about our rules.

  • All new members must have ridden 3 or more CLUB rides or attended 3 or more club events as planned via the clubs' Facebook page and /or club chat. NO exceptions.

  • And after 6 months of riding and attending club events, they can be put forward for voting on as a full member.

  • All new members must agree to ride to the conditions of the appropriate licence they hold, and the CC rating required by law. If, on learners, an L plate MUST be displayed. Breaches are to be put forward to the disciplinary committee to review.

  • They must agree to the club's values and rules, and respect our mission statement. Accepting the club badge means you agree with and will abide by our rules.

  • Let Em Roll Social Riders Club reserves the right to expel any member who refuses to comply with any of the club values, or the club rules, and shows disrespect for another member of the club. Should this need to be enacted, it will be at the behest of the disciplinary committee and the club chair. It is expected that all paraphernalia belonging to the club eg: badges, banners and other members' personal property and club property be returned to the club immediately. LERSRC is a club formed to bring riders together under one umbrella, which is the appreciation of riding motorcycles in the Far North. Our club does and will support all other forms of social riders and clubs throughout NZ. For example Riders for teen suicide, iwi riders, women social riders and other area-based riders like Hikurangi, Matakana riders and Northland riders. Should any member of LERSRC wish to join another motorcycle club, that is pay an annual sub to become a member of another club, LERSRC reserves the right to discontinue this person’s membership.


  • Membership fees should be paid within 4 weeks then the badge will be given.

  • If a past member wishes' to rejoin the club after 12 months, they MUST start back with the 3 rides/events and be voted  back into the club

  • New members can be voted on at any club ride/event as long as there are at least 6 members present and/or 3 committee members present and the majority of the votes to approve a new member.

  • New members will have a 2-year stand period before they can hold any positions on the clubs' committee, but they will have full voting rights from the date the subs are paid.


4. Subscriptions

 The annual subscription for members is $60:00

 Subscriptions for renewal of membership shall be due on the first day of August each year.

The Committee may, at their entire discretion, remove from the

Register of members, any member whose subscription is three

months overdue, but may reinstate such member on

payment of all arrears of subscription.

First-year subs cover the costs of the club badge.

Each consecutive year after the sub's have been renewed the member will be given an updated year badge.


5. Cessation of Membership

Club badges are to be handed back within 14 days for the exchange of $16 (the cost of the badge) and any club property must be returned asap.

6. Officers and Committee

The Club shall be managed by a committee of up to seven members

including the Chairperson, Vice Chair, Minutes recorder, Treasurer & Events  Coordinator and 2 others.

Committee members must be full financial members with 2 consecutive years of membership.

The Chairperson will convene and chair all meetings and ensure that the rules

of the club are followed. They will lead the club forward. And represent the club when needed.

They also will order new badges as needed.

The Vice-Chair will carry out the duties of the Chairperson when required.

Club Secretary-  is to set the Audio recorder on to record a true account of the minutes.  To keep key points of all meetings. And hand it to Irlene within 7 days to be put on the web page.

The Treasurer to bank all money received

by the club, to pay all accounts as approved by the committee, to prepare

annual yearly statements.

The  Social/Events Coordinator is to plan and organise all big rides and events. 

Before final approval of any events, details are to be put to the committee.


And keep social media and the web page updated.

 All officer bearers shall be elected by ballot at each annual general meeting.

If insufficient nominations are received, or if an office bearer or member of

the Committee resigns their office during the year, the Committee may co-opt

a member or members to fill the vacancy until the next general meeting

where the position may be confirmed.

Events Coordinator, Minutes  Recorder  shall retire at the end of each year, and those eligible may

present themselves for re-election.

Chairperson and Vice Chair and Treasurer  shall be in

held for 2 years, then can

retire at the end of each year, and those eligible may

present themselves for re-election.

Nominations for other officeholders and Committee members shall be

 nominated and seconded at the AGM.

 All nominations, nominators and seconders must be full financial club members.

During the term of appointment, the committee member will obtain or have

access to confidential information concerning the club.

The member must not:

 Use the information except as authorised in the course of the

members duties.

 Use the information for the member's benefit or personal gain.

 Use the information for the benefit of any company or other

organisation in which the member is a director, shareholder or

stakeholder without the express approval of the committee.

 In the event of a breach of confidentiality under this clause, the committee

reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate the members' membership

No member is to repeat any club business to outsiders.

Club chit is to stay within the club “ words of the possum”

Any member found breaching this will be forwarded to the disciplinary committee.

Meetings, Voting and Resolutions.

 All meetings shall be chaired by the Chairperson, or if absent, the Vice

Chair. Should neither be available, it shall be the first duty of the meeting

to elect a chair.

Voting at all meetings shall be

taken by a show of hands.

Motions carried by ordinary resolution must receive a simple majority of those voting.

Only full members can vote. 

And proxy votes can only be done at the AGM.

 Committee Meetings 

Meetings of the Committee shall be held at least once every 3  months in such a

manner as the Committee shall determine. 

Seven shall form a quorum.


 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting, notice shall be

given on The Clubs WEB and Facebook page, and/or club chat. To receive from each of the Chairperson and Vice Chair a written report on the year's activities and from the Treasurer a Statement of Financial Performance and Position.

The agenda will be put up 3 weeks before the meeting.

Any proxy votes must be sent to the Chair before the AGM.



 Bank Account / Club Funds

 An account shall be operated in the name of the Club at Kiwi Bank.

All monies received shall be paid into such account and identified what it's for 

The Chairperson, and 2 FULL members  a total of 3 members may sign

withdrawals on a club account, and any person may make deposits into such accounts.

All withdrawals must be authorised by the Chairperson & Treasurer.

 NO  purchases for any item, over $100.00 can be made by any member of the club without

first being authorised by the Chairperson, unless it's for renewal of the clubs' web page and domain name.

 Any person breaking Rule 4 may be suspended

Any Person with authorisation with the bank account must NOT be related.

Any club member who is handed club money or fundraising money MUST bank this immediately and record where it’s from.


 Alteration of Rules

 Any alteration, revision, deletion, or addition of these Rules  MUST be made by

special resolution carried at an Annual General Meeting.

Motions must be carried by 

The majority of members were present at the meeting.


Role of the Committee


The role of the Committee is to

Administer, manage, and control the Club;

Carry out the purposes of the Club, and Use Money or Other Assets to do that.

Manage the Club’s financial affairs, including approving the annual financial statements for presentation to the Members at the Annual General Meetings.


Delegate responsibility and co-opt members where necessary;

Ensure that all Members follow the Rules

Decide the times and dates for Meetings, and set the agenda for Meetings;

Decide the procedures for dealing with complaints;

Set Membership fees, including subscriptions 

The Committee has all the powers of the Club unless the Committee’s power is limited by these Rules, or by a majority decision of the Club

Decisions of the Committee bind the Club unless the Committee’s power is limited by these Rules or by a majority decision of the Club at a Club Meeting

The trustees of the Club's bank account shall be between 3 full members, as long as no two reside together nor are in a spouse/partner relationship. Any two of these may authorise transactions for disbursement from the Clubs bank account once approved by the committee 




Duties Of Club Officers

Chairperson, 2 years in the chair.

The executive duties of the Chairperson are:

  1. To preside over meetings of both the Executive Committee and the club.

  2. To be the official spokesman of the club in the area of public relations.

  3. To represent the club in any club business. For example, at meetings where other clubs are present

  4. To assist the other officers in the interpretation of their club responsibilities, and to promote and maintain club life among members in general.

  5. Ensuring that the Rules are followed;

  6. Providing a report on the operations of the Club at each Annual General Meeting.


Vice Chairperson, 2 years in the chair 

  1. The executive duties of the vice Chairperson are:

  2. To assume the responsibilities of the chairperson when the Chairperson is unable to do so. In practice, the VICE-Chairperson needs to walk "hand-in-hand" (so to speak) with the Chairperson, so that he is always fully able to take over when required

  3. This requirement usually results in a very close relationship between the Chairperson and the VICE and they should talk in one voice.

  4. To assist the Chairperson in the execution of his duties and responsibilities.


Treasurer 2 years

The Treasurer is responsible for:

  1. Keeping proper accounting records of the Club’s financial transactions to allow the Club’s financial position to be readily ascertained;


  1. Providing a financial report at each Annual General Meeting;

  2. Providing financial information to the Committee as the Committee determines

  3. To collect the dues owed by members.

  4. To ensure the Club's financial obligations are timorously paid.

  5. To make the financial statements available to the Club at meetings.

  6. To bank any cash within 7 days 

The Social Coordinator renewed each year


Facebook pages updated with rides, and photos can be done by anyone 


Any club member can post on the Facebook page. 


The event Coordinator renewed each year


The event's  Coordinator oversees  the planning of  club events from rides to fundraisers


Also liaisons with other clubs 



Road Captain for rides


If a member plans “a ride” they will be the Captain for that ride and will be responsible for ensuring the club's rules are followed. If it’s a spur-of-the-moment ride, the captain will be the person who is the senior person there.
Club rides- the most senior person there will appoint a road captain.


The executive duties of the road captain are: Organise the basic itinerary of the club before going on a 'run' or tour. To brief the Club before leaving on a run regarding route, formation, speed, passing, stops, re-fueling, breakdown procedure and any other important "must know". Together with the Chairperson, to lead the club in formation while riding as a club. There is NO overtaking of either Chairperson or the Ride Captain.  To ensure that new members are fully briefed before they may ride with the club. To ensure NO one is left behind

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