All new members can either be pillion passengers or riders BUT must abide by rules of the club .

Updated 28/11/2020


All new members must have a motorcycle license or appropriate license for what they ride.

They MUST agree ride to the conditions of the motorcycle license they hold and CC rating by law.

All new riders must of ridden for at least 3 rides or attend 3 club events .

NO  license - NO CLUB BADGE  to be worn at ANY times-- NO EXEMPTIONS !

Pillion Passengers 

Pillion passengers can be full financial members.

Only full financial members that are pillion passengers can wear a badge.

Any approved pillion member MUST hold an appropriate license before they can ride the bike with our club badge on and follow rules set out for Riders.

NO  license - NO CLUB BADGE  to be worn at ANY times-- NO EXEMPTIONS !

All Members 

 All new members must read  our rules and sign an acknowledgement  form before being approved.

They must agree to our club values our rules , and respect our mission statement.

All new members will be voted on,  and membership subs paid with in the first 4 weeks .

Badges will be presented after subs have been paid.

(Old --All new members must have had ridden for 3 or more rides and MUST be voted on by all full financial members at the next monthly meeting. They must also agree to the club values and rules and respect our mission statement. Membership fees should be paid with in 4 weeks then Club badges will be presented.)


                               There are 2 types of membership:

Full Financial Members

These members shall be those persons participating in active riding

provided by the Club, attend meetings. Full members have the right to be voted on to the club committee or be voted on as chairperson(provided they meet the criteria as laid out in the "duties of club officers") And they have full voting rights. And full access to our web page.

Social Member

Shall be those persons who wish to be members of the club but are waiting for approval to be full financial members; or people who just want to follow on the clubs Facebook page.

Social members have NO voting rights.