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Let Em Roll Social Rider's Club

Let Em Roll  Social Riders was formed by a group of Friends & Family  in the Far North  who all share  the love of motorcycles and wanted a belong to club that all the family could be part of.  After sitting around one Sunday the theme of "dice" was mentioned and then from that came the name ... Let 'Em Roll .. Let'em roll  was now the name of our club.

We  all enjoy social riding in this beautiful country we call New Zealand . We are Whanau  orientated and we   practice the Whanau  principles .


Let Em Roll Social Riders is made of  members all of whom enjoy  cruising on their  motorbikes. With 2 wheels (unless it's a trike) and a helmet that is all that is needed .  From Harley Davidson's to Kawasaki's  , Honda's and all other bikes .We are open to both Males and Females equally, riders or pillion passengers. Age is not a issue  --so if your young at heart or   your just starting your riding journey  we welcome everyone who respects our Clubs values and who wish to ride with a group of people who want  to feel the wind on their face . Family and extended  Whanau are MOST welcome to join us on out family days  and rides also. 

We have a committee to over see our Club and to up held our values. The committee it's self is made up from FULL Financial  Members  whom have been voted on.

This consists of a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, Club Secretary and Treasurer   & Social Coordinator plus 2 full members   in total 7 members form our committee.

Our Club Badge


After we decided on the name of the  our club, the badge design  then took place.

Our beliefs  are that of  "Whanau " and there for we didn't wont a round badge that  that could of been taken as a gang  patch. Oval was then chosen . The 4 stars represent  the Southern Cross .

Dice  with snake eyes  always up represents  the "Let Em Roll" and stay shinny side up always the winner.

The dice are  likened the decisions that we make every minute of the day is like the rolling of the die or dice, we, as riders need to make good decisions to keep the fortunes of fate on our be a winner, so every minute of every day we throw the dice and live with the consequences of our decisions

Angel wings...represents the  feeling the riders have when riding ..freedom of flight .

We have not added an area location as we hope in time  more people will join .. Not just from Northland.

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