Minutes from meetings 

Here you will find a copy of minutes from all club meetings and committee meetings newest minutes will be posted towards to top always 

Let Em Roll Social Riders Club
Meeting held at Omaunu Road 10/07/2022
Meeting opened 11.00am
Opening karakia
Present :  Irlene, Pete, Beck, Anna, Shawn, John, Russell, Brent, Peter K, Possum, Dave, Chrissie , Teeps.
Apologies: Henry, Striker, Gordon, Lance, Leeann, Shane
Previous Minutes- read and accepted
Moved Chrissie Seconded Possum
Matters Arising
Membership rules - Irlene to reword and circulate.
Peter K has been on a couple of rides recently. Winter road conditions have made an impact of the number of riders. A few experienced riders have had accidents some resulting in lost of lives. Please be careful if you’re riding. If you don’t need to ride stay home or in the car.
Moved Peter K   Seconded Russell
$1428.10 in cheque account
$800 Fishing raffle
Outgoings.  Web and domain fees
It has come to Irlene’s attention there is a Facebook spam site advertising the Pink Ribbon Ride. At this stage there is no link to a payment option. Irlene has requested this site be taken down, but this has not occurred yet.
Chaotic Blonde has agreed to be the road captain. She is a fulltime bike racer and an ambassador for Kawasaki.
A guest speaker has been confirmed. She is a breast cancer survivor.
All fishing charter raffle tickets have circulated.  Taipa raffles to be circulated today.
Next meeting, which is the AGM, each member is requested to bring an item to added to the raffles.
The route is going to be changed slightly this year. Riding through Paihia instead of Kawakawa. With a scheduled stop at Phat Brewery, one of our sponsors.  Shawn & Toni will man a registration deck for local riders who may wish to join the ride there. Phat Brewery are opening early to cater for the ride.
We will have a BBQ at Kaeo at the end of the ride. Judging will occur at Phat Brewery to help streamline the prizegiving at Kaeo.
Brent-         Maria is keen to join LERSRC. After general conversation it was decided that Maria only needs to join in one planned club ride to become a member, as she has already participated in numerous club events. Road names to be Detour for Brent and Raven for Beck. Hikurangi Riders meet every Friday night at the club rooms. They have a bunk room available for overnight stays.
Irlene-         Embroidery. There will be a new set up fee if we change embroidery businesses. Peter K to speak to previous embroiderer. 
Criteria for membership to include, Safe riding  style, Riding a legally appropriate bike.
Gary from RATS. (riders against teen suicide) is considering coming back up North. Supporters badges will be available and will be advertised on club chat.
Anna-         Met a woman who is a breast cancer survivor and said that she appreciated all that the club does to support breast cancer research.
Russell-     Many thanks from him and Moni for all the support and good wishes they has received from the club over the past few months.
Peter K-        He has been asked to by Teresa from Bald Angels to be a mentor to disadvantaged and trouble youth. We all agreed he would be wonderful in this role
Shawn-        He is hoping to get a bike next year and although he is currently a riding member, he is still happy to support and participate in club events.
Upcoming events -    Next club ride. Taipa Caffeine and Classics
                Bald Angel Charity ride, finishing at The Pioneer to be held in November. 
Closing karakia
Meeting closed 12.15
Next meeting is the AGM date to be advised.



Minutes of meeting held 19-02-2022   held at Tubby & Moni’s house

Meeting opened at 11.45am

PRESENT -  Possum, Irlene, Caretaker, Skannz, Brent, Jax,  Bongo, Dave, Gordon, Teeps, Tubby, Wizard, Shawn, Toni, Leeann, Chrissie

APOLOGIES- Slippers, Shane, Becks, Richie

Moved Teeps Seconded Possum                                                                               PASSED



Moved  Teeps  as true and correct. Seconded Irlene                         PASSED


Moved  Teeps  Seconded Gordon                                                             PASSED


We’ve had a few rides since we last met. Acknowledged the logistical difficulties many members have in attending various club activities. A reminder that we are whanau and some members maybe experiencing life challenges during these uncertain times. A reminder to check in on each other, supporting and showing aroha to all.  I’m considering stepping down at some stage, I have other parts of my life that I would like to give more attention to. But hopefully as the club grows, someone   will step up and take on the role of president. I’m happy to stay on for the time being but would like to see more younger members join and step up.  Confirmation of the trademark registration has been received by email.  There has been informal discussion with other clubs about creating a multi club event modelled on The Bert Monroe. 

Bongo moved his presidents report be accepted Seconded Gordon                           PASSED


Dave has offered to design and make a headstone for Benson. He will bring draft design and costings to the next meeting.  Contact will be made to Benson’s partner to discuss.

Dave moved his report be accepted   Seconded Irlene.                                    PASSED


Confirmation of Trademark. – Bongo to send to Irlene to add to club records


Previous balance $1598.57   Current balance $1743.44

Wizard moved the final report be accepted. Seconded Gordon                    PASSED


Date has been set.  The hall has been booked. Full day Saturday and possibly Friday afternoon to allow for set up.  Teeps has agreed to take on the role of media liaison.  There is a shortfall this year  in funding for the raffle. Irlene has suggested the funds created from the sale of the donated Triboard $1800 be used to cover the shortfall. Teeps has also agreed to interview Shawn and Gordon about the trip they have just returned from as winners of last years raffle.


Hump day rides. Great to see club representation at other club hump day rides. There is the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets if you’re unable to attend. 

Next event is Whanau Day. Saturday February 26th at Te Ngaere Bay. Starting 11am. Irlene requested that the club cover the cost of the meat . All agreed. A list of other kai items will be circulated on club chat. Just let her know what you’re bringing.  Chrissie will pick up the bbq from Dave’s so he can ride .

Irlene  moved the PRR & Events reports be accepted.  Seconded Possum                PASSED


DAVE – suggested we look at the possibility of a 3 day ride around Coromandel. Possibly in April. Would need to be during the first two weeks to avoid conflict of school holidays and Easter.

JAX-  we need to consider succession planning. As the club grows we need to plan more around the future of the club.  For discussion at the next meeting and the AGM.

New Members. what has happened to the procedures for voting in new members. This appears to have been circumvented recently. There are new member who have been accepted that Jax has never seen. Happy for new member to join the club but if we have rules we need to stick to them. To allow for clarity and transparency. Jax is also concerned that decisions are made that are not put to the general club. That any decisions should be presented to the club at the quarterly meetings.  Failure to open communication can lead to fractions being created within the club which is not what anyone wants.  If rules are not working the club can revisit and adjust if required.

BRENT-  Suggested a two step new membership structure.

1/  A 3 month probationary/pending stage. Where the new member attends ?? functions.

2/ a vote at the next quarterly meeting by all financial members be held to decide if the applicant should be accepted.  

General discussion resulted in Teeps and Chrissie being asked to look at the new membership rules and to review and present to the club at the next meeting.



Brent – nominated Dave seconded Anna               PASSED

Becks – nominated Irlene seconded Anna             PASSED

Shane- nominated Dave seconded Irlene            PASSED

Welcome to the club.

LEEANN -  Enchanter Charters will donate one seat on a 5 day Three Kings charter again this year for the PRR.

CHRISSIE- As the club profile increases we need to operate within any legal requirements. Therefore a license from DIA will need to be applied for the raffle. 

BONGO – His cousin has taken over the role of CEO of REAP. a NGO that provides support to the community through various local organisations. He is interested in the possibility of creating a relationship with our club.

GORDON-  Always promoting our club to customers at work. A common comment from non club affiliated riders is the speed of club riders including our own club.  General conversation about perception and generalisation.

IRLENE – Handed out some 2021 badges. And a reminder that haka practice should be reintroduced to club meetings.


Meeting closed at 1.30pm

Next meeting and venue to be advised.

Haka practice then followed the meeting.



Review new member process.                                                                   Tipene & Chrissie

Email confirmation of Trademark to be sent to Irlene                       Bongo

Interview Shawn & Gordon about their fishing charter trip             Tipene